The inaugural post of my author website!!

My hopes and dreams are beginning to take shape and it’s exciting, intimidating, fun, frustrating all rolled into one wonderful adventure.

My current WIP is a book featuring my Grandmother-in-law.  She was widowed at age 32, expecting her fifth child.  Single parenting is daunting in the best of circumstances but hers was far from ideal.  Options for making a living were slim during the 1940’s and add to that the fact that it was wartime.

But Grandmother raised her five children to be some of the most godly, joyful, gracious people you could ever hope to meet.  And she did it during WWII when times were tough and that’s putting it mildly.

Not only did her children turn out to be well rounded individuals, she herself, was joyful, grateful, generous and loved people.  She could have easily become bitter and blame God for her difficult life but that was not the case.

We all could learn some lessons from her life – a life lived on The Rock.

Stay tuned….


6 thoughts on “AND AWAY WE GO!”

  1. I wish you much success on your new adventure. I will say : have fun, don’t worry about others, follow those dreams. You are never to old to be true to yourself.


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