It’s Fall, Y’all!

Throwback Thursday: This was a little piece I wrote several years ago as part of a writing workshop I did.  Thought I’d pull it out again and share it.  Hope you enjoy!

The air is chilled and filled with the smell of a wood burning fireplace. The street is lined with such an array of color it’s as though you have stepped onto an artist’s pallet and are surrounded by hues of orange, red, and yellow.  The colors glisten in the sunlight as if each leaf was sprinkled with gold dust.  It’s fall and the world seems beautiful.  There’s an umbrella of serenity hovering over the neighborhood.

As I walk down the street I have an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder. It was only yesterday, it seems, when the sweltering heat kept the neighborhood quiet – keeping everyone inside – in the air conditioning.  But today the serenity is not from the quiet street.  It’s from the briskness of the air.  The color of the trees; the playfulness of the children; the friendships of the neighbors.  The scene is reminiscent of childhood memories.  Running from one yard to another.  “Tag, you’re it!” Screams of delight follow with bursts of energy surging through the running children.

What is it about the changing of the seasons that strikes such chords within us? The seasons remind us we are alive.  The change awakens our senses causing our eyes to open and gaze on the newness and freshness of another day. Our ears become aware of laughter and playfulness.  And the scent of fireplaces and the feel of cool air exhilarate our consciousness to the point that even the harshest critic can’t control the necessity to smile.

New thought:

What a beautiful reminder, through the changing of the seasons, that our hearts and spirits can be renewed as well. As we become aware again of the beauty of God’s handiwork; the kindness of our fellow man; being together with family, we know and experience renewal and re-creation.  We are encouraged and exhilarated by His spirit within us that life is good.  God is good. We are loved by Him, the creator of all things.  And we can, by merely opening our eyes, our ears, our hearts be renewed and strengthened.

It’s fall, y’all and God is good!

autumn daylight fall fog
Photo by Vali S. on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “It’s Fall, Y’all!”

  1. Oh, all the feels! I love this, Artis! So descriptive…I felt like I was there with you. Thank you for the reminder of God’s grace and the newness of each day in Him.


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