The above photos are courtesy of my big brother, Ken, who owns the Circle Bar P Ranch.

It’s calving season, meaning lots of babies are being born on the ranch. The one in the truck is being helped because he’s too young to keep up with the herd while moving them to a new pasture. The photo above that one is this same calf hidden by his momma. I asked my brother (since I am not up on this ranching thing) if they did that often. He said they do it every time. The momma will give birth and hide the calf until they are able to keep up with the herd, probably about a week or so.

That’s amazing to me. The momma knows how to take care of her baby to protect it from predators or elements or whatever (again, I know nothin’ ’bout ranchin’). She instinctively knows to hide her calf until it’s strong enough to be part of the herd. No one had to show her, teach her, instruct her. She just knows what to do!

When Ken told me this, my first thought was “How can anyone think this world with all it’s marvelous workings was an accident?” It’s so amazing that God thought of EVERYTHING regarding the creation of this universe right down to creating the protective instinct in a momma cow so her baby would survive.

Like I said, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout ranching or cows or calves but one thing I do know is that this earth and all within it was created by a loving, thoughtful, powerful being. It.Was.Not. an accident. He created all of the earth, all of the cows, all of us on purpose. By design.

Job 37:14 Says to stop or pause or stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. (NASB; The Amplified Bible; The Voice). I know I need to do this more often. Stop and just think of all God’s wonderful works. How about you? Are you willing to stop – pause – be still – and marvel at God’s creation?


Let us pause and ponder
The wondrous works of God
The stars & moon & heavenlies
And this amazing earth we trod.

Let us pause and ponder
The stars, the sun, the moon
How they order bright new mornings
Or cozy, snowy afternoons.

Let us pause and ponder
The beauty we all can see
The flowers that explode in color
And the tiny and giant trees.

Let us pause and ponder
The creatures He has made
The birds that fly, the bees that buzz
And the cattle that lie in the shade.

Let us pause and ponder
The creatures of the sea
The whales, the fish, the lobsters
And the ones too tiny to see.

Let us pause and ponder
How He waters all the earth
How it carries with it life
And in due season brings new birth.

Let us pause and ponder
The intricate designs
That make living on earth possible
And that includes all mankind.

Let us pause and ponder
These amazing bodies He has wrought
How each part works together
How it required intelligent thought.

Let us pause and ponder
This breath of life within
How He uses it to guide us
Back into communion with Him.

Let us pause and ponder
This unending love He gave
How He sent His Only Son
So, all of us He could save.

Let us pause and ponder
This didn’t happen by mere chance
That God in His infinite wisdom
Planned everything in advance.

Let us pause and ponder
Our response to all these things
How it should bring forth gratefulness
How His praises we should sing.

Let us pause and ponder
This amazing world in which we live
Can’t even begin to compare
With the one He’s waiting to give.

Won’t you pause and ponder
The love God has for you
How Jesus shed His blood
So, you can enjoy heaven, too?

Artis Hayes – 4/26/18