Escape the mundane and wonder back in time to lords, ladies, jousting and breathless kisses.

When I read a book, it plays like a movie in my head.  In Lord of Her Heart, Sherrinda Ketchersid makes it easy to watch that movie unfold.  Her descriptions from the scrubbing of the floors of the convent to the hiding places Jocelyn finds on her journey and finally of her home, R….. , make the story come alive.  The scenes are written in such a way that make it fun to look around the corner and follow Jocelyn up the stairs and wait with anticipation of the lovely encounters between the hero and heroine.

Her characters of Joselyn and Malcolm are true to their beliefs and easy to like and hope for their happily-ever-after.  Equally true to their beliefs are the not so nice characters of Rolland and Helen and you just want to holler at them to get-out-the-way – we’ve got a romance brewing!!

And the romance.  Ooo La La!  It’s lovely to watch love unfold in a time when chivalry and respect were something to be sought after.  There’s nothing improper in this story and yet there are those moments between two lovers that give you goose bumps!

And then, there’s the lessons we can take away from the story.  Jocelyn doesn’t sit around and wait for God to answer her prayers.  She gets busy.  She puts other’s needs ahead of her own.  We can all use a gentle reminder to hone that character trait.

Sword fights, knife throwing, jousting, knights, ladies, romance…what more could you ask for!

Lord of Her Heart is perfect for escaping the mundane and wondering back in time to lords and ladies, jousting and breathless kisses.

I highly recommend you get your copy today!